Obstacle Maintenance 2017: Plans for Winter 2016/17
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Whilst still in the Winter months we will be beginning the process of revamping our obstacle setup on the main cable. The plans for this year currently include the following:

***New box rail*** – We will be adding a beginner box rail to the park which will be long and wide making it great for learning tricks on.


Liquid Force A frame – This rail is now one of the oldest in the park and will be replaced over the coming months.


999 Transfer rail – We will be taking up the surface of the lower, wider, section of the step-up rail and adding another layer underneath this to smooth out the riding surface. We also have plans to possibly change the current handrail section, replacing the rail with a pipe instead to make it a little more user friendly for intermediate riders.


Rooftop – All surfaces will be stripped off, allowing us to repair or replace any structural sections, and at the same time the ply underneath the plastic riding surface will be replaced giving the rail an extension on its life span.


Incline to Handrail – The side panels are being replaced, hence this rail is currently closed, but we aim to have this obstacle re-opened as soon as possible.


All remaining obstacles will undergo a process of thorough examination and repair where necessary, before the upcoming 2017 season gets under way. With the overall ambition of a safe and diverse learning path for each and every one of our valued customers.

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